Tim Ryan


Newcastle, NSW
Merewether Surfhouse, 5 Henderson Parade, Merewether NSW


15 May 19 - 27 Jun 19


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



ICC Coaching Training – Level 1

Learn seven of the world’s most powerful executive coaching models.

Internationally recognised business coaching certification, now available in NSW.

To unlock your team’s true potential, start with yourself. Reserve your place on the ICC Coach Training programme to develop the skills you need to take your people from good to great. Moving beyond theory and empirical information, the training focusses on practical experience, allowing you to make immediate improvements in your day-to-day.

Whether you aspire to be a CEO or you simply want to be the best you can be, I believe ilume can be a guiding hand for you.
AARON ASHBEY, Hub Manager Northern, Goodman Fielder NZ Ltd.

You’ll learn to use proven coaching interventions, and will come away with a clear understanding of the flow of coaching. You’ll be able to identify potential and focus your attention on interpreting and enacting new behaviours.

With a successful programme history of over 15 years in more than 67 countries, this course offers you a basis in congruent coaching, integrating the most powerful, proven coaching models:

The Inner Game (Timothy Gallwey)
Transformational Coaching (Thomas Leonard)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler & John Grinder)
Ontological Coaching (Fernando Flores)
Integral Models of Coaching (Ken Wilber)
Behavioural Coaching for Managers
Executive Coaching for Leaders

Gain unmatched coaching skills

During the engaging sessions you will be guided to master:

Core coaching competencies
Designing coaching models and developing your toolbox
Understanding the coaching leverage points
Questions to use that will change people lives (and when to use them)
Tasking people for best results
Managing fears, mental blocks and limiting beliefs
The art of listening and using your intuition
How to help people design their future and setting long-term goals
Getting maximum change for minimum effort
Action plans that work
International Coaching ethics and standards
Successfully complete the programme and you will achieve ICC accreditation, becoming a member of a very exclusive group of professional coaches.

Course modules

Divided into three modules spread over three months, the programme is designed to create both experiential and discussion-based learning.

Module 1: 15-17 May 2019
History & knowledge of coaching
Essential frameworks
Goals & motivators
Powerful questions
Core essential techniques & models
Coaching roadmap
Ethics & standards

Module 2: 11-13 June 2019
Action plans

Module 3: 26-27 June 2019
Certification coaching & testing

One of the best decisions you could make

Learn to coach others while you learn more about yourself – the true pathway to unlocking your potential.

Pathways you could take after this programme:
Become a professional coach with internationally recognised certification
Better lead, manage and support others in all areas of your organisation with improved coaching skills
Support your commitment to developing your people by enrolling your senior leadership

Sessions begin 23rd July 2019. Complete the form below to secure your place, or contact Tim Ryan for more information on +61 4 0142 8338 or email: