Developing the world’s greatest leaders by growing bigger minds


Driven by the belief that an organisation cannot outgrow the mindset of its leaders


We grow bigger minds through MindSet28 – a pioneering, proven approach to transformational leadership development


Our Products

We transform the mindset of leaders to unlock your true potential. At the heart of our leadership products is our MindSet28 constructive developmental framework – a pioneering, proven approach to transformational leadership development, designed to grow bigger minds.

Leadership Team Development

The adaptive challenges facing today’s organisations calls for high-performing, synergistic leadership teams. By developing an executive cohort who can think and work collectively, an organisation gains far greater capacity with the same amount of resource, lifting it to new heights of effectiveness.


Executive Coaching
What if the problem isn’t what the leader knows, but who the leader is? An individual is multi-dimensional, which is why coaching also needs to be. To be effective, leaders must be superior to the complexity of the environment around them. We will help you unlock a new mindset, ultimately changing the way you think, interact and behave.


Training Academy

ilume offers Australasia’s only accredited and licensed ICC training program, recognised globally as the best coach training program in the world. Learn how to coach others effectively, learn more about yourself and become a leader for the future. Our Academy spans a variety of courses that set a new benchmark in leadership excellence.


Radical Candor™
Radical Candor™ is a unique approach to empowering you to have stronger conversations with all the people you lead, to ultimately create breakthrough results. Radical Candor™ really just means saying what you think, while also giving a damn about the person you’re saying it to. But why does something so simple feel so radical?


About Us

Forget everything you know about coaching. At ilume, we do things differently. We are committed to creating a complete transformation in mindset to develop the world’s greatest leaders.

In other words, we’re in the business of growing bigger minds. We do this through a pioneering, proven approach that develops leaders across three dimensions of self-growth, unlike the majority of coaching programs who only look at leadership development as just one-dimensional. Instead, we’ve taken the best of what we have learned over 160 cumulative years of business, executive coaching and research to create the first three-dimensional leadership assessment and development program in the region. Already proven to be the gold standard in leadership development, we are proud to have had a profound impact on the personal and professional lives of some of the world’s greatest leaders.

Our Clients

An organisation cannot outgrow the mindset of its leaders. This is our foundational belief, which has resonated strongly with some of the most successful brands in the world.

ilume has a refreshing approach to executive development coaching which leads to transformational change in business performance. Working in partnership with ilume has helped our people firm wide with their professional career and personal aspirations. ilume really believes in what it teaches and how best to empower our people.

Brian Hassell
Chief Executive Officer, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Whether you aspire to be a CEO or you simply want to be the best you can be, I believe ilume can be a guiding hand for you.

Hub Manager Northern, Goodman Fielder NZ Ltd

MindSet28 is a developmental tool not a “putting you in a box” tool, so the difference is that for the first time it gives people a pathway for continuous improvement rather than just telling a person who they are and how they will be forever.

CEO & Managing Partner PwC New Zealand

Insights, News and Events

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ICC Coach Training
15 May NSW

ICC Coach Training

Why Coach Training? Five reasons to take ilume’s world-class internationally recognised ICC Coach Training Program.


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